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the Forest of Hands and Teeth

Looking for a book to curl up with at night while you ponder the end of mankind? Found it!

Mary lives in a village that is surrounded by the Forest of Hands and teeth. You don’t leave the village. Not unless you want to become like them, the unconsecrated that shake the fence just looking to find a weak spot to let them in. Just waiting for a curious villager to get too close, so they can get a bite. 
If you get bitten, its only a matter of time. Before you join the Unconsecrated, choose to die and be saved, or live in the forest with your friends and family infected before you, and be damned. 
Mary has lost everything, her father, lost.. suspected to be in the masses of the unconsecrated. Her mother, who wandered to close to the fence, and then choose to be damned , with the hope that she may be reunited with her husband. Her brother, who cast her out of her home, forcing her to Join the sisterhood, the religious order that controls her village. 
Mary dreams of the ocean, a magical place her mother once told her stories of, miles and miles of open water… and no unconsecrated. She dreams of love and a life outside of the village, away from the forest. But how do you have hope of escape, when the forest of hands and teeth is just waiting for you to make one wrong move. 
This book.. is like a combination of the Gathering blue ( Lois Lowry), and Night of the Living dead ( George A. Romero ) In a wonderfully creepy way.
“I think about how fragile we are here—like fish in a glass bowl with darkness pressing in on every side.”
Rating: 4/5
The Series So far
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  2. I love The Dead Tossed Waves and the entire series! Such great books. They totally have the feel of The Village to me.


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