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I’m honestly having a hard time deciding how much I liked this book. It was a very interesting concept to me, as Sirens are not a topic that frequent the YA market. So I went in with high hopes. 
The story starts out 2 years after Lexi deals with a terrible tragedy. The death of a boy she loved, and it was her fault. Lexi becomes withdrawn. Her friends disown her, blaming her for their other friends death, and she lets them because she knows it is true. 
Lexi must swim every night, she cannot control it, the water and her siren song call to her. She finds “her lake” far away from anyone she could harm, and she feels safe. Until Cole shows up one night while she is swimming, pulling her out of her comfort zone.
Cole starts to break down the walls that Lexi has built, which is very dangerous. The more Lexi relaxes and lets people into her life, the more likely she is to lure them to their watery grave. 
She tries to begin her life again, friends and dating. It all starts to fall back into place…
The plot of this book was fast paced and kept me wanting more, it is easy to empathize with Lexi, and swoon after Cole. I have been enjoying books lately that are not the typical ( as of late ) vampire/werewolf theme, and this is one that is definitely straying away from the norm. 
While fast paced and enjoyable, it did leave me wanting. The ending… not as I would have wanted, though I don’t want to give it away. Let me just say.. I felt it wasn’t the most believe-able. At times the author fills you with information and back story, and then there are moments where you think.. “Wait, what? Where did that come from, and why won’t you tell me more?” 
All in all if you like the concept of Mermaid/sirens, and want something out of the norm, it’s a fast read that is enjoyable, but be prepared it may not be your book of the year. 

Rating: 3.5/5

I have not read many books like this in the past, when I find/ think of some great ones to pair with this I will add them on 🙂 Or please feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment.


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