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Second Hand Saturday Giveaway!

Second Hand Saturday is a giveaway that started over at 
The Reading Teen 
Every couple of Saturdays I will be giving away wonderful books from my self. (These books are in Like new condition, with very few smudges, nicks or marks!)
This weeks giveaway is unfortunately NOT international ( USA ONLY ), but not to worry ! International Giveaways will come to the blog again soon 🙂

17 year-old Kelley Winslow doesn’t believe in Faeries. Not unless they’re the kind that you find in a theatre, spouting Shakespeare—the kind that Kelley so desperately wishes she could be: onstage, under lights, with a pair of sparkly wings strapped to her shoulders. But as the understudy in a two-bit, hopelessly off-off-Broadway production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, wishing is probably the closest she’s going to get to becoming a Faerie Queen. 

At least, that’s what she thinks… In this fun, urban fantasy, Kelley’s off-stage life suddenly becomes as complicated as one of Shakespeare’s plot twists when a nighttime trip to Central Park holds more than meets the mortal eye.

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  1. My favorite place to read would be on my bed or at the library of my college 🙂

  2. My favorite place to read is on my bed.

  3. My favorite place to read is the car, because that seems to be the place where i get the most reading done =)

  4. I love to read on my nook tablet, just about anywhere, during the winter months you find me curled up in a chair with a hot cup of joe, a blanket, my slippers and a good story

  5. probably on the couch. Also in bed!

  6. I love reading in the corner "nook" of my couch. A good book, blanket, and some tea/coffee is a perfect break!

  7. I love reading on my bed! 🙂

  8. I like reading on the couch

  9. I read everywhere, but my absolute favorite place is sitting on the floor by my bed and bookshelf.

  10. I like to read at school in between classes!

  11. i love reading in my reclining chair in my family room

  12. I have a couch in a corner of my roon near the window, thats my reading place.Thanls for the giveaway.

  13. I prefer to read in bed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. My bed or couch which are super comfy!


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