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A little bit about me

Since I am partway through my next book I am about to review ( The Alchemy of forever, it’s amazing by the way ) I thought I might set aside a blog post to share a little bit more about ME. Maybe you don’t care, maybe all you want is book news. But.. if you want to know a little bit more about who is behind the scenes here it is. 
I blog, I read. But I also am a Full time student and Part time worker!
I work at Blockbuster – it falls short of working at Borders but hey, I’m around stories!
I go to school at Mount Hood Community College where I major in art- and am starting to minor in business. 

So ya. This is what I do in my school time and spare time 🙂 
I try to mix in inspiration from childhood stories as well as every day life. and then sometimes, it’s just random lol. These are a mixture of Pencil/Charcoal drawings, Paintings, Woodblock, Screen and Copper plate prints and 1 Sculpture. 
Comments and feedback are always nice, polite Criticism welcome. However. Bashing just hurts feelings. 

About Pages, Paints & Pawprints

Just a gal, her cat, and a ton of books.

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  1. Lovely artwork! I love the ones with the umbrellas flying away.

  2. I love the one with the spider on the faucet, and the ones with the umbrella flying away. You do beautiful work!

  3. lovely pics! It's always nice to get to know a bit about the person writing the reviews!


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