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Book Signing : Marissa Meyer and Megan Miranda !

So I finally went to Another Book signing tonight! My First was back in 2008 with the Amazing Sherrilyn Kenyon. This time it was Double the awesomeness! 

Megan Miranda – Author of Fracture and Marissa Meyer Author of Cinder

Of course I got my books signed 🙂 I also picked up some lovely signed bookmarks to use in future giveaways! What do you think folks? Wanna snatch those up soon ? 😉

 As I bask in there awesomeness 🙂
 And one of my favorites, I pushed past the pain and awkwardness ( I have issues walking in heels ) and wore my red heels in honor of Cinder!

The Jeans are me and the black Tights are Marissa ! So fun >.<

Such an amazing night 🙂 If you haven’t gone to a signing before, you should! It’s great to meet the people who weave such wonderful tales for us!
Wanna see what Else I snagged up at the event ? Check out my In my mailbox post coming next! Some lovelies I will soon be sharing with all you 🙂

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  1. How exciting! I get ridiculously squee at book signings. I met Neil Gaiman and was practically drooling the whole time. Other than that the only author I've met is Guy Gavriel Kay, who's from Winnipeg, so he comes here every time he releases a new book. And every time it's just as exciting. 🙂

  2. It was great meeting you last night. I am now torn. Do I finish the book I'm currently reading or dive straight into one of the two new books I aquired last night. And if I do read one of them right away, which one should I read first.Having an ever growing to-be-read pile is such a problem 🙂

  3. Next time we'll have to arrange to meet up! It would be great to meet you for real and it's always fun hanging out with other bloggers!

  4. @lianne- Cool! This is only my second signing, I predict more in the future!@kate – finish what you are reading, then Pick up Cinder or Fracture ! I love my never ending TBR pile lol@Candace- for sure! I would seriously love to really meet you all 😀

  5. You are so lucky! I don't get much in the way of author signings near where I live. Love the red shoes :0)

  6. @ Sarah – We don't get to many here either! Which is why I was so excited for this one ! 😀

  7. The red shoes are fantastic! We saw Marissa Meyer and make a point of going to as many author events as possible. So much fun, and it creates a link, like a conversation, between author and reader.

  8. Wow is the author of Fracture (Megan Miranda) actually shorter than you? Amazing! I kid, I kid, I'm pretty sure I'm also shorter than you are… Looks like you had a lot of fun and got some great goodies out of it!

  9. @we Heart YA – It really does! I can't wait to go to more, and connect with as many authors as I can !@Jazu- tons of fun! the goodies were just a perk. But of course, I loved em 🙂

  10. I had wanted so much to go to this book signing, but I was in Haiti. Boo!! Love that you both wore the red heels.


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