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The Winner of the Shatter Me Giveaway

And the Winner is : ( selected Randomly using the raffelcopter widget ) 

Drumroll please…… * Pause for dramatic effect * …..
Jazu !!!!!!!!

The question I asked you to answer in the comments was : ” How long could you go without human contact?”

Her response: I would like to think I’d be able to make it for quite a long time, but it would depend on whether I was allowed to be *around* other people at the time or if I was cloistered away somewhere. I would probably touch people on accident at first because I’m clumsy, but I would get very careful if it hurt people like in the book. After about a week of no contact I imagine I would become depressed, but I would probably get over it. 

Congratulations Jazu!
 48 hours will be given to the winner to respond. If I do not receive a response another winner will be randomly selected. 

To those of you who didn’t win this giveaway: I hope you still go out and snag the book somehow, it really will be worth it!  More giveaways will be popping up on the blog, so please come back to visit! I hope you enjoying following my blog, I enjoy having you here! I’m sorry I was unable to reply to every comment left on the giveaway, it got a bit overwhelming, there were so many! 🙂 I do my best to respond to comments, and would love it if you would pop by some of my other posts so I can have some more book talk. 
Check out my In my mailbox post HERE to see what may be given away next! 
Happy reading!

~The Passionate Bookworm 


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, I had no idea how big of a response this giveaway had gotten. I feel very privileged to have won against such steep odds! Looking forward to reading (and owning) this intriguing looking book!

  3. Awwww, I missed this giveaway!! Oh well, next time. Congrats, Jazu! :3


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