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Of Poseidon

Hardcover, 324 pages
Expected publication: May 22nd 2012 by Feiwel & Friends
ISBN: 1250003326 (ISBN13: 9781250003324)
edition language
Original title: Of Poseidon
 Emma and her friend Chloe are spending vacation in Florida. When Emma (literally) runs into a hot guy named Galen on the beach, little does she know he’s a prince of the Syrena. Galen and Emma both feel something strange – is it attraction? – and Galen suspects that Emma might well be the girl he’s heard of – a human who can communicate with fish.

What follows is a deadly scene with a shark in which Galen witnesses Emma’s gifts. He must know more about her, and follows her back to New Jersey, and high school, to find out for sure if she’s the key to saving his kingdom. Soon, Emma can’t deny her feelings for him, but can’t explain them, either – and both she and Galen must learn more about where she comes from and what her powers are before they can trust one another and their feelings.

So as you all have probably noticed, I’ve been a bit busy. Not much time to post anything other than weekly memes and the like. But when I got this book. Oh man. I just sat down and READ. 
I flew through this book! It was sweet, and fun , tear jerking and intense. A perfect combination. 

I can’t lie, within the first few chapters, I cried. Seriously. And then I was like, “Oh no! Am I going to do this through the whole book!?” I didn’t, but man.. I don’t think those first few chapters will leave me for awhile… Then again that’s one of the marks of a great book!

Of Poseidon isn’t all all out thriller, fantasy, or romance. It’s a wonderful blend of all and more. 

Emma: A seemingly normal girl, though a bit clumsy.. ok more than a bit >.< I found myself connecting with her on many levels ( though mostly the clumsy ones! ) She goes through a traumatic experience and then suddenly, she is forced to face facts in her life that she though could never be real. 
Galen: Oh Galen – Authors, darn you! I already have a real boyfriend!! Why do you give me so many swoonworthy guys!!!?? 
Galen is more than just a swoonworthy guy though, he has the weight of his underwater world on his shoulders, knowing a secret that could save his people, but break his heart.It just made me swoon for him even more to watch him fight to help Emma while struggling over his responsibilities.
The side characters were fun, full of humor and strength when needed, I couldn’t get enough!
If you can’t guess from the cover, this story is about mermaids “though don’t say that in front of Galen ( They call themselves Syrena ) But it was far more than just a lighthearted mermaid tale. Anna banks ties in history of Triton and Poseidon and the politics that hold their underwater world together, as well as tear it apart. All of this mixed into the story helped hold my attention so well!

Most of the story is spent on land, not in the underwater world, I REALLY hope book #2 visits that more! 

A heads up, the ending of this story is INSANE 🙂 In a wonderful, cliffhanging, I want to track down Anna Banks and steal the Manuscript for Book #2 kinda way!! 

If you had been there with me in the moment you would have seen me close and re-open the last page many, many times, and just stare at it in Awe. 
This review isn’t very long, but you know what, I don’t think it needs to be!! Of Poseidon has all the makings of a great story, and to me it’s definitely a  must have!!

If my review hasn’t hooked you go check out the other wonderful reviews on Goodreads!! 

Rating: 5/5

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  1. I've been looking for a good mermaid book, maybe this is the one! 🙂 Great review, it definitely makes me want to read it. 🙂

  2. I am so desperate to read this book and I'm so excited that you loved it, because that means I should too! Ahh! I can't wait for this to come out!

  3. OH MY. How did you get a copy of this one? I have been scavenging, trying to find an advance copy, and I haven't been able to! Haha. I love that you loved it. Mermaids and Greek mythology are my two favorites, and I can't wait for this one! – Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

  4. I loved this book. The mythology was well-built and believable; the characters were SO fun and so unique, and I loved getting to know all of them. The book also begins with a BANG. Within the first few pages something EXTREMELY dramatic happens that sucked me in from the get-go. Granted, it doesn't keep up this racing pace for long. Most of the book is very calm and leisurely, and is more character driven than plot driven. But that doesn't make it bad, because the characters (as I've said) were great!


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