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Trendsetters ( Facing Away )

Trendsetters : Facing away 

Trendsetters is Inspired by a meme I found over at YA Bookie Monster. If she responds to me with a go ahead I will be doing more features soon as I LOVE spotting these trends

So what do you think? Does this tend of Characters facing away/ walking away do anything for you? Does it help draw you in and want to read the book? Tell me if you love/hate it in the comments and why!

I personally love it! Sometimes when I see a full of face of a cover model it throws me, because it never feels exactly like I think the character looks like. This trend leaves more to the imagination πŸ™‚ 

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  1. Well, I have to say I also prefer seing people walking away than actually looking right into their faces. When I read a book I love to imagine how the characters look like and if you don't see their faces, it still leaves something to your own fantasy. I like that. But I even like covers without any persons on it even more.

  2. I agree! Some of the ones that are just art or scenery are gorgeous! If you think of any examples you'd like to share feel free to email me!

  3. I haven't even noticed the trend until you pointed it out! Lol, I love all of the covers. Just simply amazing especially Rapture but my love for Fallen isn't relevant here. πŸ™‚ I completely agree. Sometimes when the face is revealed I'm stuck between my version of the character and the cover's character. πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! It is true. Embrace also is like that! I love this meme. πŸ™‚

  5. Haha I still haven't read fallen! though it's sitting on my shelf right now πŸ™‚ So SOON! and YES sometimes the covers do an awesome job of matching up with descriptions. But more often they sadly disappoint I think.

  6. AH! How did I forget Embrace! lol Thanks for sharing!

  7. I kinda like these covers because I feel as if it gives the book a mysterious feel to it. So in a way, it does make me want to pick up these books. I feel like with these covers, it gives the reader's imagination some room. I feel as if it symbolizes the many possibilities of the world that the author creates. Many questions are aroused, and thus, the cover probably gives the book a better sale. And I do agree that with the faces on the cover, it stunts my imagination, and it also ruins the cover. And as I read, all I can think about is the character on the cover's face and not my own version of the character.Oh, follow my blog!

  8. What an interesting concept of looking for cover trends! Personally, I prefer book covers where you can't see the character's face, so these are perfect. I find that when there's a photo of a girl's face on the cover, the cover photo influences how I imagine the character, so I'm not a fan.

  9. I love this new 'facing away' trend. πŸ™‚ My favorite is the cover of Above. So gorgeous and it makes me want to read the book.

  10. If there is going to be a character on the cover, I'd much rather see a partial or from-behind view of them than a facial view of them UNLESS the face or angle is particularly relevant to the book (and then it still has to be super well done). Most of the time it's not though, so seeing a character from behind –if at all– is preferable, since everyone imagines the character a bit differently. Anyway, I like the idea of "trendspotting".

  11. I agree. I prefer they leave something for the imagination. And they're all such pretty covers! *-*

  12. I agree with you! If I see a cover with a models face and it doesn't seem like them in the novel, it becomes conflicting. I end up flipping back and fourth between the text and the cover trying to find similarities, and I'd rather the story tell me how the characters look then the cover.I've only read one review that mentions this, but how is it that every cover model for dystopian or end of the world zomg, their hair is perfectly styled or blowing gently in the wind? If I went two days without a shower, my hair would look like complete crap! I hope you're able to continue features/memes like this! I find it comforting when people notice the same things I do!

  13. I prefer them walking away as opposed to facing front because you're right, if I see a girl's face, I will always just imagine her instead of letting my brain run with it when I'm reading the book. Still prefer covers with no model on the front though.

  14. I think that seeing the back of the actress helps the reader come up with their own idea of what she looks like from the front. Plus, I think it feels a bit like she is going off on a journey… moving forward into the unknown.

  15. I loved Fallen. πŸ™‚ And agreed! I have my image and the cover's image and next thing I know? They mash up and become an ugly mess lol πŸ˜€

  16. Wow, I totally didn't even notice this trend, but I'm kind of liking it.


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